Training / Tamningar Skriv ut

We have great experience for training Icelandichorses and has taken a lot of horses all the way from breaking-in to becoming great riding horses and

high level competition horses. Regardless your goal with your horse, we can help you!

We have both the experience and the high-quality thinking in everything we do, to make sure that the horses is getting what's best for them.


Sigfus is the head-trainer and all work with the horses is under his supervision. He has since childhood been riding and training horses in high level. He has shown a lot of horses to high marks both in competition and breeding assessment during more then 10 years. Both in Sweden, Iceland and on international events like the World Championship, where he has got several medals both from the breeding and competition track.

Read more about Sigfus here...


We also has good, experienced riders to help us out in the stable and with the training of the horses.


Training costs, including full boarding, in ISK excluding vat

Training / Breaking-in  60 000 ISK per month (approx. price incl vat - 489 EUR / 4429 SEK)

Sigfus - only training (limited places)  90 000 ISK  per month (approx. price incl vat - 733 EUR / 6644 SEK)