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The Guesthouse Denami at Vestra-Geldingaholt


Close to nature and at home feeling accommodation at the famous horsebreeding farm Vestra-Geldingaholt in southern Iceland with stunning surroundings and great base for exploring the southern part of the country ; famous landmarks , large horse farms , striking landscape with active volcanoes, natural hot springs nearby and many other things you can find in our area!

Do not forget to book your accommodation with us for 2016 ! We are opening from 1 of April 2016 until 31 october 2016 - we are open all year around for groups - contact Josefine for more information


Pricelist season 2016 - from 1 th of April 2016

Double/Twin room with shared bathroom , breakfast included (max 2 pers)

April     11 500 ISK

May 12 500 ISK

June     13 500 ISK

July - Aug 14 000 ISK  

Sept       13 000 ISK

Okt 12 500 ISK


Double/twin room with private bathroom, breakfast included (max 2 pers)

April - May     16 500 ISK

June     17 500 ISK

July - Aug 19 500 ISK  

Sept       17 500 ISK

Okt 16 500 ISK

Triple room with private bathroom, breakfast included (max 3 pers)

April - May     21 000 ISK

June     22 500 ISK

July - Aug 25 000 ISK  

Sept       22 500 ISK

Okt 21 000 ISK


Singleroom with shared bathroom, breakfast included

April - May    7 000 ISK

June      8 000 ISK

July - Aug   9 000 ISK  

Sept      8 000 ISK

Okt 7 000 ISK


For longer stays - 3 nights or more, contact us to get a great offer!

All guests have free access to Wifi and to the outdoor hot tub.

Lunch and dinner are available to order, prices from 1800 to 4500 ISK - we offer one meat, one fish and one vegetarian course each evening, we also have a dessert menu and 1-2 light courses/starters during the high season (june - september)

Book now!

We serve breakfast buffet each morning in the dining room which has a stunning view of the famous volcano Hekla and great surrounding countryside around Thjórsá .

The farm has among cats, horses and sheeps, a small private fishing lake , " heita pottur " and a perfect location on the south Iceland !

We also welcome groups who want a weekend with elements of other activities - we can tailor solutions for a group of friends , family or small business . Get in touch with your request.


For packages in the season 2016 - keep an eye on the website or contact us for more information !

Reservations are made to Josefine at Den här e-postadressen är skyddad från spamrobotar, du måste ha Javascript aktiverat för att visa den / 00354 698 70 90

For groups or for longer stays - contact us for a proposal and offers.

The price list is valid from 1 of April 2016 and until further notice , price changes may be made during the season , updated pricelist can be found at this site on the day of booking, it is valid for your stay.

Prices includes VAT and other taxes, payment in ISK with creditcard, we accept VISA and Mastercard, payment can also be done in cash in ISK, EUR or SEK.